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Eliana Andreou is defined as an adaptable, passionate, versatile and collaborator person. She was born in a musical family and that is the beginning of her musical career. She has broad experience over 5 years in solo performance as well as orchestral playing and education. This can be seen through her different approaches on playing different styles of music such as jazz, classical, folk and traditional. As her dream is to become an official member of Cyprus Symphonic Orchestra she is having few concerts on 2015 as a solo player accompanied by the orchestra and conductor Mr.Akis Baltas, as well as playing with the Orchestra at Paphos Opera with conductor Mr.Ayis Ioannides. Eliana is also participating in orchestras, chamber music ensembles and choirs. At the same time she has attended different double bass masterclasses in Cyprus with the principal double bassist of French Orchestra Thierry Barbe.
She started piano lessons at the age of 5, with teacher the well-known pianist Rauf Kasimov and few years later at the age of 14 she auditioned for a scholarship in double bass and she successfully gained the principal double bass place of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Cyprus, with conductor Mr. Ayis Ioannides. By the age of 15, she auditioned for the local orchestra of Nicosia called ‘Eparhiaki’, with conductor Mr. Evagoras Karayiorgis. By the age of 18, she was part of the Nicosia University Orchestra with conductor Mr. Aaron Dimond and the same time she auditioned for Nicosia University Choir with conductor Mr. Solon Kladas. Since she was 14, she has performed in regional theaters across the country as well as on international tours in Greece, Belgium and Turkey. Every summer she is attending the summer music camp in which musicians from different countries meet and play in different concerts.
Eliana Andreou has graduated in the University of Wolverhampton by doing her Master degree in Music, with her main instrument the Double bass and teacher Mrs. Sarah Smith and her second instrument the Piano with teacher Mr.Michael Petterson. Mr. Eliana is doing her PhD in ethnomusicology in September 2014, and she will keep teaching students. 
Eliana as a dedicated, focused and motivated musician is able to teach the piano to both young kids and adults. As a talented musician she is offering piano and double bass lessons to students as well as harmony and theory of music lessons. In her teaching, Eliana loves fostering imagination and creativity in every interaction, leading
the student on their own path of discovery, both in sound and technique. She strives to bring awareness to the connection between the body and the instrument and to the unlimited potential of musical expression. Eliana Andreou has the ABRSM Diploma Performance in Piano and ABRSM Diploma Teaching and is preparing for ABRSM Diploma Performance for Double bass. 
Eliana is also works as an accompanist for other musicians by playing the piano and the double bass.

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